I’m Folkert Jongbloed, lead developer of Analytix. At the moment I’m working for Valtech in Utrecht, The Netherlands as a software architect. Almost all of my projects involves web technology based upon Microsoft Technology(.NET, Umbraco CMS, Sitecore and EpiServer). I’ve been programming in .NET from the beginning, version 1.0 starting in VB.NET but changed to C# when I started to work for Clockwork, my previous employee.

Being a Microsoft adept for several years, it was pretty obvious for me to use a windows based mobile device so I was using windows mobile 6.5 on my HD2 for almost a year. Till some great HD2 owners put Android on their devices. In the summer of 2010 I took the change and installed Android on the SD card. Windows mobile was still running on the device which was booted first. After windows mobile was started, I was able to remove windows mobile from the memory and started Android. Now the fun could start, a whole new world opened for me.

Programming for windows mobile 6.5 wasn’t an option to me, too complicated, too many devices, and last but not least, a terrible sdk.

Android was great programming. Having a superb SDK and excellent tutorials. Because I had lots of experience programming in C#, understanding Java was not that hard. Still facing some weird stuff sometimes. Using a switch statement with a string value is not possible and the getMonth() function is setting January as ’0′ month, meaning a prefect zer0 based function. So a date like 2011-05-23 is in Java june 23rd, while in C# this is may 23rd.

But again, programming for Java is real fun. Mobile apps are a great way to create small apps which can be maintained by a single person. I really like to develop and create nice UI’s. Developing for Android merges all those needs into a single great environment!

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