Android vs Wp7 development

In march this year I’ve started to develop Android apps, just because I was very curious about app development and of course I needed a good Google Analytics app for my Android phone.
Have experience in C# programming, the step to Java wasn’t that hard.
Right now I really enjoy Java programming for Android and phones specifically. Programming for phones is perfectly suited for a single person in stead of large corporate websites where complete teams are used to deliver the requested goods during several months or even a year. It’s my daily job 😉
Programming for phones is just a small program which can be extended when you want to, it’s your own project which can be designed to your wishes. Above all, you can sell the app, have great conversations with the users, make users happy with your app and finally, it’s possible to make some money with the app.

Since this summer I got a few signals after lots of reading about Wp7. Although it’s just a very small player on the market and can’t be compared to Android or iOs, it’s a player to pay attention to.


  1. Because it has a very unique interface, the Metro style is very well designed. It’s not a copy, it cannot be compared and it just works!
  2. Android is an open OS. Once your phone is rooted there are no boundaries for the user to have access to the complete file system, including stored preferences, applications which have been bought(just copy the apk and refund the money). This has some major security issues when large corporations are using phones for their employees. Complete access to the network in such a vulnerable environment will not be the main weapon of choice for those companies.
    I think Wp7 is a very, very attractive phone for companies. Working together with Exchange without any hassle(Gingerbread, anyone?), offering powerful clients for Sharepoint, Lync etc.
  3. I keep hearing just positive stories about the phone, I do have some colleagues and friends who own a Wp7 device and I just don’t hear any complaints… just none! Well actually just a single one about the calendar view which does not seem to have a default view. That’s all actually. Pretty low number of complains compared to those coming from Android. The Wp7 environment just looks pretty promising.
  4. I think Microsoft is a very tough player. Microsoft knows how to play this type of game, take a look at the Xbox which was released in a market which was dominated by Sony(Playstation) and Nintendo. The stories from that time are pretty equal to the stories about the phone right now. Take a look at the Xbox right now… I rest my case.
  5. Last but not least, I really believe in Wp7 for being the third player in the market. Symbian is dead, Blackberry has suffered seriously from some really nasty internet issues. Users now know how this system works and understand the dependency.

Yes, I do believe in this system so that’s why I’ve started to port my app to Wp7. Not just because I believe in the system but because I really dig developing, I was very curious about Wp7 development and working with .Net from the beginning I just had too… 😉

I was planning to write just a single post about Android development vs Wp7 development… this will be the next post.


I'm a webdeveloper, looking for the best experience, working between development and design. Just a creative programmer. When I'm getting tired of programming C#, i'd love to create 3D images in 3D Studio Max, play the guitar, create an app for Android or crush some plastics on a climbing wall or try to stay alive when i´m descending some nice white powdered snowy mountains on my snowboard.

One thought to “Android vs Wp7 development”

  1. Hey,

    Ever heard of monodroid?

    An easy .Net Way of developping for android! (I was a Java developper, before, now a .Net developper, the company policy is develop .NET so, it’s really a nice framework)

    If you wish to do that, off course.


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