Update for AnalytixHD

I had some serious troubles last weeks. I am using an Asus tablet which should receive an upgrade to Honeycomb 3.2. Unfortunately the upgrade failed but my Asus Transformer was flagged as ‘updated’ on the Asus update system so I could not redo the update.

The problem was that after the 3.2 upgrade, my Tablet version of Analytix crashed. So I was receiving lots of complaints about the app but was not able to start debugging against the latest version. The emulator does not allow using Google Accounts so I was really stuck.
Thank God for the existence of xda-developers where I found the update file.

The fix wasn’t hard to find but I wondered about the reason for the crash. It’s pretty weird that my app crashed after the update, had something to do with the background threading which was working in 3.1 and not anymore in 3.2. Pretty nasty, hopefully the code in 3.1 was buggy and it’s solved now by Google.

The best update for my app is of course the implementation of Google Account Manager. Some uses complained about the way of authenticating the app, even worse, in some cases,some users were not able to authenticate at all! So I decided to remove the Oauth mechanism and replaced is by the Account Manager.
I had to reprogram lots of code to maintain the favorites option. But after many nights work, the final version is completed and uploaded to the market.

The pro version will have the Google Account Manager option also in the near future, so stay tuned!

Before ending this post I definitely must mention Ayman Suleiman who really gave me lots(and I mean LOTS) of really helpful tips for my app! He has stuffed the roadmap for the upcoming releases! Ayman, thanks for all your input!


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