Analytix is an application for visualizing Google Analytics data. Analytix is serving great and clean visualization for the analytics information in allmost realtime(minimal value for Google Analytics is hourly data). Working together with some of the best SEO experts to create a nice compilation of the most used features and most wanted data.

The application is using OAUTH to authenticate the user and stores only the access information on the phone. The access information is not your username and password but some code send from Google which allows you to request Google data the next time without authenticating again. This method is much safer then the commonly used authentication mechanism on other applications.

For the initial launch I’ve defined the following queries:

  1. visits per day
  2. top referring pages
  3. visits by country
  4. previous and next page
  5. pageviews
  6. top keywords
  7. top landing pages
  8. top problematic pages
  9. top browsers
  10. system information
  11. mobile traffic
  12. visitor based conversion rate
  13. Revenues by day
  14. Total revenues by type
Analytix qr code

Analytix qr code

Get it now from the Android market for only 0.99 euro: