Just some other stuff to share with you, no 3D, no Umbraco bust some new gradient buttons for Android.

Yes I’m into android now, and I just love it. Really fun programming for Android. Because I really like a nice layout here are, for a start some nice button layouts. Use them for a better layout and replace those gray android buttons.
I’ve used two color gradients. The sdk permits a third color, I’ll use a third color maybe in a next post. For the colors I just took 2 colors,not too much differ from each other. Take your own colors if you like.

Blue button

Red button

Purple button

Green button



All text on the buttons will have the same styleso we can define a style in strings.xml:

Together you’ll have a nice collection of nice buttons:
Source code of an activity layout:

Just for this post I’ve used normal colors. In a standard application you’ll define these colors in the string.xml as a color.

TIP: last but not least, read also this post from Kris, a great developer about this topic! If you have any questions from above, the post from Kris will surely answer it.

If you want to see all those buttons in action, I’ve created a demo app with all kinds of buttons and an option to create xml for a button of your choise.

Get it on Google Play