Got some itching fingers again… must …. create …. vehicle….. must …. create …. vehicle.

So, here are some images of the new vehicle. Been busy for an hour now, got to get some sleep now. Hopefully getting some time to finalize and finetune the vertices. Then start detailing and after that maybe some textures.


And a sample render:

Wires, I need wires!!!

Okay, a few days later and again, just some progress. Starting with all the details. I think the main model is finished now, so lets start with lots of wires, I really dig wires!!! Still looking for some nice HDRi images.

More details in the next update.

Update: added more details

Some sort of steering wheel was missing, so before starting with all the details, a steering device was added. Changed background hdri with more details in the lightning.

Update: new materials

Not very much time, just a few minor changes in material and removed some polygons.

Update: small changes, added environment

Added a new environment for the vehicle, I have to add more details to it but it’s a nice start.