This package will create a base template and (optional) a few child templates wich inherit the base template. All templates will be based upon the 960 css grid framework. Use this package as a base for further design and development. After the templates have been created, feel free to moderate them to your own designs.

Only templates are generated. Some css files will be included. Other files like the print.css are created but will not have any content. There are no Document types in this project so you have to create you own to link to the generated templates.

I’ve developped this package with the latest Umbraco(4.5.2). I haven’t tested the package with older versions but I assume this will work.

Generated css files will include some css3 properties like box-shadow and corner-radius. These properties don’t work in IE6/7/8. The screenshots are taken in Firefox. IE9 will finally support these properties.

Visit to install this package