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Templated usercontrol

Creating website elements can be a tedious job, repeating all over. Past years there seams to be a link between the web 2.0 stuff and rounded corners, all corners should be rounded, square corners were so out-dated. So, all these boxes on the websites should


Kpn Wholesale

Created front-end code(all html, jquery scripts and css) and full cms setup with all templates and document styles. This site is running Umbraco CMS.


Umbraco template package

Starting a umbraco project is allways a repeating process. For that I’ve created a Umbraco package for an inial setup based upon the 960 grid framework. Added jquery from the google cdn for future purposes. Here’s an overview of the included templates, all just gray,



Based upon Umbraco CMS. Youramsterdam is a portal with lots of articles and activities!


Homburg website

Created complete front-end markup, using jQuery, xhtml and css. Site is created using Hippo as backend.


Stichting Borstbeeld

Created a new wordpress template for creating this website. The site is providing information about breast cancer.


Hoe verstandig is beleggen

Created this small campaign site using Umbrao for the backend. Combintion of flash and static pages with informative video’s.


Jquery mobile

Just tried to implement the new jQuery mobile script. Having already created some libraries with interesting content, the step for setting up a smal mobile friendly site was small. Just take a look at a very promising step for jQuery! http://www.tijdbox.nl Tijdbox.nl on Android, result