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Tweet on publish

Last time I received a request from the client if it was possible to post to twitter within umbraco cms. I took a look at the our.umbraco projectslist and found a great package, tweet on publish. It had all possibilities except it doesn’t work. Reason


Umbraco template package

Starting a umbraco project is allways a repeating process. For that I’ve created a Umbraco package for an inial setup based upon the 960 grid framework. Added jquery from the google cdn for future purposes. Here’s an overview of the included templates, all just gray,


Umbraco Template Creator

This package will create a base template and (optional) a few child templates wich inherit the base template. All templates will be based upon the 960 css grid framework. Use this package as a base for further design and development. After the templates have been


Multiple markers

A way to create multiple markers on a google map, using Umbraco backend