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9patch images in Android

Using and creating 9-patch images is actually quit simple. Just keep in mind which area is stretched and which area will be repeated. Because I couldn’t find any resources ofor this topic I’ve created some 9 patch images myself. Use it for your own projects.


Android app: LinkedIn 2 Mail

Just uploaded a new android app; LinkedIn 2 Mail. This app allows you to get your LinkedIn data and creates a nice formatted email. If you need to send your experience fast, then this is your app! Steps to take Set the correct preferences, based


MegaMath, new Android app

Just launched a new Android app. Basically, it’s a math app for childeren who are just starting with math. Math is all about repetition and recognizing patterns. Just by training your math skills, you’ll see that it’s possible to solve math puzzles of high levels.


Equal width in Android TableLayout

Using table layout in Android is pretty nasty. As a webdeveloper I’m known to the default behaviour of tables. Using table layout in Android, it’s completely different en you have to think in an other way. To create equal width for the cells is painfully


Gradient buttons for android

Just some other stuff to share with you, no 3D, no Umbraco bust some new gradient buttons for Android. Yes I’m into android now, and I just love it. Really fun programming for Android. Because I really like a nice layout here are, for a


Another vehicle

Got something on my mind and I had te create the vehicle, what do you think? Clay render Wire render Final render Have to fine tune the materials, and should maybe start to create some textures… I hate that!!! Because it’s so damn hard! I’ve


3Ds tip: Material override

Using 3ds max, I must say, the most exiting moment is hitting F9(Quick Render). It just takes ages for image to appear especially when lots of complex materials are used in the scens. You have a few options to shorten render times like tuning the


A new 3D vehicle… again

I just had to create another car, so much inspiration here in my small village… not. Seeiing lost of stuff when I’m driving home, reading books, surfing the web. Start detailing again! Update [click for larger version]


New 3D vehicle[WIP]

Got some itching fingers again… must …. create …. vehicle….. must …. create …. vehicle. So, here are some images of the new vehicle. Been busy for an hour now, got to get some sleep now. Hopefully getting some time to finalize and finetune the


Templated usercontrol

Creating website elements can be a tedious job, repeating all over. Past years there seams to be a link between the web 2.0 stuff and rounded corners, all corners should be rounded, square corners were so out-dated. So, all these boxes on the websites should