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Honeycomb optimized Analytix

I’ve just released the new Honeycomb optimized version of Analytix. I’ve rebuild the interface using new UI elements from Honeycomb like the actionbar, tabs etc. I’ve used more charts to visualize the data because there is just lots of space now I was receiving many

9patch images

How to set styles programmatically in Android

When you’re using different kind of styles in your project, the best way to accomplish this is to use the styles.xml file where you can define different style definitions for your views. These styles can be applied very easily, like: [code lang=”xml”] <TextView android:id="@+id/txtName" android:text="TextView"


Apple look on Android, the horror!

Okay, uhm, this is actually going to be a weird post. Everyone who knows me, can admit I’m not a big Apple lover. I don’t hate it, I really like the beautiful designs, a great UI, a beautiful phone, but… it’s Apple, it’s Steve Jobs,


Analytix v8 released, WIDGETS!!!

I must admint,the past week was not easy. I’ve created Analytix for Google Analytix on the Android platform and the response is great! Of course I receive lots of requests from users. Top request was of course “WIDGETS,WE WANT WINDGETS!”. If you take al look


New website,

Decided to create a new website for my Android app Analytix. In an app there is just not a lot of space to tell about functions of the app and using the android market, old release notes are disappearing, so, creating a dedicated site was


New Android app: Analytix for Google Analytics

Analytix is an application for visualizing Google Analytics data. Analytix is serving great and clean visualization for the analytics information in allmost realtime(minimal value for Google Analytics is hourly data). Working together with some of the best SEO experts to create a nice compilation of


9patch images in Android

Using and creating 9-patch images is actually quit simple. Just keep in mind which area is stretched and which area will be repeated. Because I couldn’t find any resources ofor this topic I’ve created some 9 patch images myself. Use it for your own projects.


Android app: LinkedIn 2 Mail

Just uploaded a new android app; LinkedIn 2 Mail. This app allows you to get your LinkedIn data and creates a nice formatted email. If you need to send your experience fast, then this is your app! Steps to take Set the correct preferences, based


MegaMath, new Android app

Just launched a new Android app. Basically, it’s a math app for childeren who are just starting with math. Math is all about repetition and recognizing patterns. Just by training your math skills, you’ll see that it’s possible to solve math puzzles of high levels.


Equal width in Android TableLayout

Using table layout in Android is pretty nasty. As a webdeveloper I’m known to the default behaviour of tables. Using table layout in Android, it’s completely different en you have to think in an other way. To create equal width for the cells is painfully