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2015-03-29 20_40_52-Windows PowerShell ISE

Teamcity and Octopus – part 4

Before rushing into all the cool automated stuff we have to dive into one important part of the flow which is… version control. You must use verion control for all your software! Period! At this moment there are lots of free version control systems available,

2015-03-28 15_58_07-NuGet Package Explorer - Package.1.0.0

Teamcity and Octopus – part 3

We now have a nice clean Release build of our project using a custom MsBuild target. Using this target is important because Teamcity is responsible for the job not just me working on my laptop! Keep that in mind, Teamcity is in charge! Next step

2015-03-28 14_41_40-TeamcityOctopus - Microsoft Visual Studio (Administrator)

Teamcity and Octopus – part 2

This first post is about preparing our project for Octopus deploy. This example is based upon a standard Asp.Net MVC application. Preparing involves some knowledge of Teamcity and Octopus deploy. Because deployments in Octopus are done using NuGet, we need the possibility to create a


Teamcity and Octopus – part 1

It’s some time now after my last post. Quit busy the last months and years so I decided to create a new post, not about Android but about a new tool I’m currently using on my work at eFocus. The new tool is called Octopus


More buttons?

Yes, I do receive lots and lots of emails, questions and comments about those gradient buttons. Awesome! It’s great to hear that I can help other developers building great apps. Some users do have some problems on how to create those gradient buttons and where


Making screenshots from an Android device

This will be just a short blog post because there is just not a lot of clear information available about just some practical stuff. How to make a screenshot of an Android device. Download and install the Android sdk which can be found here Once

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And now for real, app development

The previous article was meant to be an intro but was getting too long so it was just a separate a blog post. In this post I will write about my first experience as a Android developer in Wp7 development. App development stages When I


Android vs Wp7 development

In march this year I’ve started to develop Android apps, just because I was very curious about app development and of course I needed a good Google Analytics app for my Android phone. Have experience in C# programming, the step to Java wasn’t that hard.


Even more gradient buttons for Android

Because I receive lots and lots of great response to my post for Android gradients, I thought it might be helpfull to post even more gradients in a different way. This time, all those gradients are created programmatically which gives you total control of the


Update for AnalytixHD

I had some serious troubles last weeks. I am using an Asus tablet which should receive an upgrade to Honeycomb 3.2. Unfortunately the upgrade failed but my Asus Transformer was flagged as ‘updated’ on the Asus update system so I could not redo the update.