More buttons?

Yes, I do receive lots and lots of emails, questions and comments about those gradient buttons. Awesome! It’s great to hear that I can help other developers building great apps.

Some users do have some problems on how to create those gradient buttons and where to place them, so I decided to go a step further then just writing a post. Why not creating an app to ease the creation of buttons.

So, based upon my Android post, I’ve created a very ordinary Android app with the following features:

  1. Show some ordinary gradient buttons as described in this post
  2. Show some 9 patch glossy images as described in this post
  3. Show some 9 patch matte images as described in this post
  4. Show the iOS look and feel on Android as described in this post
  5. Show lots and lots of buttons as described in this post

The ‘Many gradients’ screen where you see a lot of gradients has an option to send the xml code of the button to an email address. So, pick a color from the list and send the code to your email to use it in your project!!!!

Get it on Google Play

One thought on “More buttons?”

  1. James Hanratty says:

    These are great, I have downloaded the app and am taking a look around.


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